FLUOBEAM The most gifted camera of its generation

Fluobeam近红外手术导航系统.jpgFluobeam® is arange of systems for non-invasive or intra operative in vivo Fluorescence imaging. Fluobeam® provides real time images and videos of fluorescent  signal s living animals, for non-invasive imaging as well as for surgery or dissection ( intra operative imaging), for small as well as for large animals. The design of Fluobeam® makes it uniquely compact and flexible, and well adapted to laboratory research studies. Fluobeam® is compatible with a wide range of fluorescent probes, for different research areas.

Fluoptics provides  two near infrared fluorescent marker, AngiStamp™  and SentiDye™. AngioStamp™  is a near-infrared peptidic marker that labels tumors  and angiogenesis. SentiDye™  is a lipidic molecule used for lymph node and vascular network imaging.

Application fields include:

• Oncology

• Lymph node mapping

• Biodistribution and development

• Targeting probes

• Cardiovascular research

• Immunology and infectious diseases