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Congratulations! | ISRS 2019 Nuclear Medicine Summit successfully closed

Published Date: 2019-06-21      Source: http://www.unitedwellhk.com/index.php/news/detail/id/116.html


14th International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) is the most authoritative academic conference in the field of international radiopharmaceuticals. The 23rd ISRS was held at the Beijing International Convention Center on 26 May to 31 May.

The ISRS2019 Nuclear Medicine Summit, hosted by Hui Jia Biotech (China) Co., Ltd.,.Ouija took the ISRS meeting as an opportunity and invited many well-known experts and scholars in nuclear medicinearea local and overseas to give lectures on radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine. The most cutting-edge technology in the field of nuclear medicine explores the future development of the industry. The forum was held at the Wuzhou Crown International Hotel in Beijing. The conference aims to promote exchanges and cooperation between colleagues in the industry and aims to help the rapid development of nuclear medicine in China.


The forum was opened by Professor Wang Fan. He is the Chairman of the Chinese Biophysical Molecular Imaging Professional Committee. He also made a special report for everyone. She said that the organization of such forums in China will more effectively promote the research and development of nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals in China.


Professor Wang Fan, Chairman of the Chinese Biophysical Molecular Imaging Professional Committee, delivered the opening speech

Expert lecture

Professor Wang Fan’s speech received warm applause from the guests. Afterwards, the forum specially arranged domestic and foreign experts to give special lectures. Professor Chen Xiaoyuan from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Professor Cheng Zhen from Stanford University, Gábor NÉMETH from Mediiso Molecular Imaging Department, Dr. Zhu Zhaohui from the Nuclear Medicine Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Zhang Yingjian from the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University. The 11 experts shared the most cutting-edge achievements and findings of the nuclear medicine in the world.


Fan Wang

Nuclear Imaging Guided Combined Targeted Radiotherapy and anti-PD-L1 Immunotherapy


Xiaoyuan Chen

Polypeptide radiotheranostics


Zhen Cheng

Translating Small Molecule Probes into Preliminary Clinical Applications


Gabor Nemet 

Update On High-End Solutions For Translational Imaging


Chaohui Zhu

68Ga/177Lu A Preliminary Study on the Application of Labeled Compounds in the Precise Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors 68Ga/177Lu


Yingjian Zhang

Performance and Applications of Small Animal SPECT/CT


Yueqing Gu

Peptide-based nuclear probes for tumor diagnosis


zhibo liu

Boramino acid as a synergistic agent for probing and perturbing


Cong Li

Image-guided glioma surgery by intraoperatively digitaliting tumor metabolic margins


Hongjun Jin

Dynamic PET Imaging and Quantification


Zhide Guo

Radioiodinated Nanomaterials and Macromolecular Probes for Tumor Theranostics

Looking forward to meeting again

This forum is one of the important activities of 2019 ISRS. Mr. Zhang Yang, President of Huijia Bio, said: The success of the forum is very positive and important. It provides us with an opportunity to exchange and study with top international experts. Hui Jia is more willing to contribute to the improvement of research in the field of nuclear medicine in China by building this platform. At the same time, from all efforts of us, we will form a regular long-term mechanism to make the forum more refined and reach a new height. I look forward to meeting next time.

Source: 热烈庆祝 | ISRS 2019核医学高峰论坛圆满结束

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