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Unitedwell 2018 New Year Sales Conference was held in Shanghai

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On March 2, the Lantern Festival, Unitedwell Group staff from all over the country gathered in Shanghai, a week-longUnitedwell 2018 New Year sales conference.

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Face the past ten years through the development of the experience, Unitedwell profoundly realized a high efficient and cohesive team for the importance of the company, and the best way is to cultivate his own company's core backbone and management.For this reason, the company specially invited Mr. Zhou guoqiang, a special professor of tsinghua university and senior vice President of GE human resources, to carry out the special training of "leadership of managers in the transition era" for company managers.Through training, participants can understand their shortcomings in previous work and help them make up for them in future work.It can be said that everyone benefits a lot from such training.

During the meeting, the company arranged 1 day time according to the latest market situation, to the direction of products, application and sales staff training on sales strategy, sales personnel, in order to solve the various problems in the process of sales.


Partition meeting at work report stage, company sales job summary, Unitedwellgeneral manager Mr Zhang listened to the head of the reporting on activities report, report regional sales director, and carries on the summary and the New Year sales in 2017.He fully affirmed the achievements of the sales backbone, summarized the sales management work since last year, and clearly pointed out:

1、According to the actual situation of the company's management, the company must make changes in the sales work and adopt new methods to deal with the market changes;

2、We have carried out optimization and adjustment and post adjustment for individual regions and some business personnel, hoping that the key personnel can play a greater role in the new post.

Departments through 2017 sales target of the contrast and analysis of data, understand the company product sales and market conditions, and clear the regional business sales rankings and gap in comparison, the implementation of the new sales tasks and appraisal system.In particular, the new assessment system, responsibility to the people, the deadline to meet the target.The meeting will further clarify the company's sales policy and direction and lay a foundation for more effective sales work.


At the same time, the meeting adopted new assessment methods to assess the work of all departments in the first quarter and selected the outstanding team of the current quarter.

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