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The 1st Announcement of the Summit on Space Radiobiology was held in Ningbo

Published Date: 2018-07-12      Source:


A Group Photo

On June 7, 2018, 1st Announcement of the Summit on Space Radiobiologywas held in the beautiful coastal city of ningbo. 

This Summit is sponsored by the school of radiation medicine and protection, medical department of suzhou university, and undertaken by the government of beilun district, ningbo city,and undertaken by Unitedwell.ProfessorXuYujie,(associate dean of school of radiology and protection, suzhou university),Professor at Columbia University、Professor Tom Hei(chair professor of suzhou university) , ProfessorFrancis Cucinotta(department of physics, university of Nevada, USA)、ProfessorGuenther Reitz(German space center radiation biology institute) , ProfessorZhuangFengyuan(Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) ,Researcher li yinghui(China astronaut research and training center) ,more than 30 top experts from all over the world came to participate in the Summit.It is one of the professional BBS of high specification in China.


Mr. Pan qunwei, deputy director of the people's government of beilun district, delivered a speech


Professor Tom Hei delivered a speech 

As (the) chairman of the conference, American university professor at Columbia University, suzhou university professor Tom Hei professor and deputy district people's government of beilun Pan QunweiMr Respectively BBS's, and on behalf of the organizing committee warmly welcome domestic and foreign experts and scholars.It is hoped that BBS will become a platform for academic exchanges between researchers at home and abroad to jointly explore ideas, strengthen cooperation and promote research and development in the field of space radiation.At the same time, it is hoped that a meeting mechanism will be formed in the future, and BBS will be held regularly to make BBS, the research peak of space radiation, the most influential research event in the world.


This BBS has been discussed from multiple research directions and different perspectives in the field of radiation research. For example, researcher YinghuiLi's "Thinking on the Development of Space Medicine in the Post-space Station Era",professor Guenther Reitz's “Space radiation dosimetry”, professor LijunWu's "The radio-adaptive responses inC.elegans mediated by inter and intra bystander signals", researcherTao Zhang's,“The Space life science instrument and the technology”, from The Angle of The less elaborated The latest trend of The development of Space radiation,It won the strong resonance and positive discussion of the guests, and also brought different ideas collision and profound inspiration to the guests.


Although BBS is only one day high, it has achieved fruitful results. All experts had in-depth exchange and discussion on special reports and academic issues at the meeting.


The experts held a heated discussion 

The BBS was successfully concluded by the cooperation of the school of radiation medicine and protection, medical department of suzhou university, the government of beilun district, ningbo city and Unitedwell.We hope this conference is just the beginning. In the future, more experts will join BBS, the biological peak of space radiation. We look forward to meeting you again!

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